‘Xhilarate have been coming to LABS for the past few months to offer massages to our members. Nicky and the team are always a pleasure to work with and are a great addition to our Member perks! We constantly get great feedback from our members about the massages, and the team are always very professional and friendly.’
Kayleigh Brown, LABS (July 2019)
‘We first used Xhilarate as a one-off treat for everyone in the gloomy days of early January, but it quickly became apparent we needed them on a regular basis. Nicky and her team are professional and dedicated and it’s bliss to be able to take half an hour away from the desk for a restorative, relaxing and reviving massage. It’s definitely not the most expensive office perk, but it’s certainly one of the most popular.'
Giles Milburn, Madeleine Milburn (May 2019)
‘We have been using Xhilarate's services for over a year now and are extremely satisfied with the service provided by them. Every therapist is very accommodating and professional and has never failed to deliver a high-quality deal – they adapt to every client so easily and maintain a superbly relaxing ambience throughout every treatment. These services are also easily accessible and convenient as they are held in our great offices – it is an incredible wellbeing incentive to get through a busy day!’
Jay Romanovska, Regent Street Management Direct (April 2019)
'We have been using Xhilarate now for a number of years due to popular demand with our employees. They have never failed to deliver a professional and high quality service. They make us feel relaxed, rejuvenated and invigorated. It’s incredibly easy to book and host within our office as Xhilarate take care of everything. This is an incredible wellbeing initiative to offer within a company'
Claire Connors, Kambi (March 2019)
'At WeWork 145 City Road we've had the pleasure of working with Xhilarate who offer stress bursting massages for our members. Their therapists are so lovely, service-minded and knowledgable, and they make you feel like a completely new person - stressfree!'
Line Hamre, We Work (January 2019)
'As always, a ½ hour massage is absolutely wonderful and totally relaxing.  Today, my therapist told me that I was very tense around my neck and shoulders and she concentrated on that area a lot.  However, she also massaged both my arms and hands, the calves of my legs and she gave me the absolute best head massage ever. Together with the soothing music it was a heavenly experience to receive this fantastic massage. I thank Xhilarate to let me know dates and times, as I will always book myself one of their brilliant massages.'  
Uschi Booz, Kekst CNC (January 2019)
‘At Salesforce, we are always looking for ways of putting wellbeing into action, making sure our employees feel supported to lead a healthier life. As part of our Massage Wellness benefit, Xhilarate have been providing fortnightly chair and deep tissue massages at our office. Our staff enjoy the convenience of having this service onsite and we have got only positive feedback about the professional service the therapists provide. We highly recommend Xhilarate!’
Larissa Zobiak, Salesforce (October 2018)
‘We've been using Xhilarate once a month for the past year now. The masseuses are all extremely friendly, professional and work to the individual’s needs. It's definitely something that the office looks forward to each month.’
Lesley-Ann Simons, Mediatel (October 2018)
'Our staff at Architas value this monthly service and find they are revitalized and relaxed after each session. We highly recommend Xhilarate for their professional service.'
Floricica Turnea, Architas (September 2018)
“We’ve had three lovely sessions with Xhilarate so far and the team can’t wait for the next one!  You can be sure that the experienced therapists at Xhilarate will take care of any issues.”
Audrey Farkas, Health Recruit Network (September 2018)
"The Xhilarate team are consistently friendly, professional and easy to talk to. They provide a soothing experience in the middle of a busy day and make all our team members feel comfortable during the sessions. The massages are always a highlight to look forward to!"
Christy Ku, Forward Leading (September 2018)
“We have used Xhilarate for office massages on numerous occasions and our staff always come away happy. The whole experience is relaxing and is a great way to remove those knots caused by sitting at our desks all day! Thank you Xhilarate, we can’t wait for our next ‘massage day’.”  
Kay Kan, Alliots (September 2018)