Wear your desired evening eye look toned down and let our artists perfect, correct and add that Christmas glamour to create your perfect party eyes – soft and classic, full on lashes and glitter to anything in between.

Price: £25 per person (false lashes included!)
Time: 15 minutes

As this is an express ‘eyes only’ make up session, your everyday make up look must be worn so the artist can see your basic style and strength of make up straight away without a long consultation. This ensures the artist can spend the maximum time creating the make-up you desire and are comfortable with (even if your normal day look is minimal and you want to go all out for your party).

All artists are fully qualified and work currently or in the past for MAC cosmetics for at least 2 years.
The lashes that will be available are MAC lashes – generally number 7’s and 4’s.

The eye make-up is tailored to each person but general templates would be smokey eyes, flicked liner or a mixture of the two.

Eyeshadows custom blended in colour and strength to each individual’s request. Glitter and sparkle of varying degrees also available in abundance!

For the more visual imaginations think Keira Knightly, Kim Kardashian, Audrey Hepburn…

Merry Christmas!!

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