You might be feeling excited about human contact again, and not having to work from your front room any longer, or you might feel a bit overwhelmed by having to commute and wear smart clothes again.

However you’re feeling about it, we’ve prepared some top tips to help make the shift smoother.

Going back into work might mean waking up earlier, and getting home later. Make sure you prepare your body for this by getting plenty of sleep, a varied diet and regular exercise. Even a 15 minute walk can help boost your mood.

Get into a routine

There’s nothing worse than hitting snooze on your alarm then realising you’ve only got 10 minutes to get up/get dressed/eat breakfast and get out the door! Work out a time to get up which gives you enough sleep but also gives you time to get ready at a leisurely pace in the morning so you can start your day feeling relaxed and in control.

Know what support is available

Know what policies and procedures are in place to support you, and your wellbeing at work. Glance over your organisation’s health and safety policy and remind yourself of what kind of mental health support is available should you need it.

Remember the positives

If you’re struggling a bit with the move back to office-working it can help to remind yourself of some of the positives. You might be able to have more social time with your colleagues, listen to a good podcast on your way into work or try somewhere new for lunch.

As published by Mind Charity on 31st January 2022

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