A quarter (25%) of respondents believe that helpful employee benefits and perks would have the biggest positive impact on their productivity at work, according to research by Canada Life Group Insurance.

Its survey of 1,000 employees also found that 39% of respondents feel a higher salary would positively impact their productivity at work, while 34% cite recognition and appreciation for good work as the factors most likely to impact productivity positively.

The research also found:

• 71% of respondents do not know and understand the values that form their organisation’s culture
• 70% of respondents do not feel as if they are part of a team at work or that their role in this team is valued.
• 16% of respondents state training would positively impact their productivity at work, compared to a further 16% who cite targets to work towards for promotion.
• 22% of respondents feel they are involved in decision making and have a voice in the workplace, compared to 19% who think their line manager motivates, empowers and supports them.
• 45% of respondents believe their employer does not know how to improve productivity and 76% feel their productivity is being negatively impacted at work.
• 22% of respondents blame workplace culture, such as poor management and a lack of recognition, for negatively impacting their productivity at work, compared to 29% who feel that a negative working environment has an adverse effect on their productivity.

Paul Avis, marketing director at Canada Life Group, said: “[While] it is encouraging to see that employees feel they are being productive at work, the clear disconnect between business leaders and [employees] is alarming. It is evident that many UK businesses need to do more to support and appreciate their staff, whether through simple remedies such as better communication of their organisation’s values, or [organisation-wide] initiatives like redefining employee management and engagement practices.

“There are many ways employers can show they value their staff, including offering products through corporate benefits packages. Our survey shows one in four [employees] believe helpful employee benefits have the most positive impact on productivity, and protection products such as group income protection serve a dual purpose of giving employees financial peace of mind but also helping those who do develop a long-term illness or injury back into the workplace once they have recovered. Whatever changes businesses make to increase productivity in the workplace, it is important that staff wellbeing is at the heart of it.”

By Katie Scott, as published in Employee Benefits on 21st March 2018

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