‘Stress and mental health issues affect one in four people on average in any given year and one in six at any given time. With this rate of occurrence, we need to work harder to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental ill health’. Dr Mark Winwood, director of clinical psychology at Axa PPP Healthcare

Managing stress in the workplace can be challenging but it is achievable with Xhilarate Office Massage! Working through clothes and without oil, the Xhilarate team use a highly skilled blend of eastern massage techniques to help alleviate stress, relieve tension and leave you feeling instantly calm, focused and refreshed.

Onsite massage helps to reduce levels of stress in the workplace, resulting in increased efficiency, less sick leave, lower staff turnover and more productive use of working hours. By establishing regular office massage sessions, our aim is to achieve sustained benefits for both employees as individuals and organisations as a whole.

Massages are usually provided as 15, 20 or 30 minute sessions and treatments can be tailored to the individual to include head, neck, shoulders, back, hands and arms. Our minimum booking is 1 therapist for 2 hours during which time we can treat 8 people to 15mins, 6 people to 20mins or 4 people to 30mins each.

Book today by emailing info@xhilarate.co.uk or call 0207 1824222!

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