Balancing our work and home lives is proving increasingly difficult, a survey has found, with 54% of us saying our stress and anxiety levels are increasing.

Many of us attribute this to an inability to get the balance right; four in ten women find themselves unable to describe themselves as happy while others say that poor sleep and diet impacts their wellbeing.

Results showed a third of people are consumed by thoughts of work from the minute they wake up, while one in four said they only stop thinking about work last thing at night.

The inability to switch off is having repercussions with over half the study (51%) saying their work life has impacted their personal relationships and in some cases led to poor health (52%).

The research commissioned by Tilda also showed that not eating well is a big contributor to feelings of discontent – many workers regularly skipped meals, while one in five often cobbled together their evening meal after 9pm.

Worryingly, the research shows that nearly 40% of women and just over a third of men heavily rely on high sugar and caffeinated drinks to get them through the day.

The study also found 57% of people have seen their personal life affected because of putting in too many hours at work.

This was most commonly shown through more arguments with their partner (52%), a decline in the quality of their diet (47%), while nearly a third (27%) spent less time playing with their children.

The level of mental fatigue experienced is also on the rise, with the average person questioned getting on average just over six and a half hours sleep during a typical evening, along with having to cope with disturbed sleep at least once a week.

As published in The Huffington Post on 28.01.2014

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