To meditate means to enter into a different state of mind than our “every-day-reality consciousness”, or simply said: to be able to change the focus of our thoughts whenever we choose to.

For most us, the majority of our days are spent at the office and the terms ‘stress’ and ‘burnout’ have become synonymous with everyday living. In fact, it often seems that we never have the time to let go of the stress that bombards us daily. When we begin our day in a stressful state and continue at that same pace throughout the day, we can begin to feel overwhelmed. That’s why it is important to take time out from the never-ending demands and relax and re-centre our thoughts. At some point we all need to break away from the mad rush of modern life and regain control and many people are discovering that mediation is an extremely effective way to accomplish this goal.

Unconsciously, we are running on an “automatic pilot” of thoughts all day. Most of them are driven by critic, judgement, worry, fear and doubt – all of which create stress. Learning to meditate helps to step out of this stream of thoughts, and into a clear focus on what is in front of us, right here and now. Meditation can help us get back to the center so we can determine what is really important, organize our thoughts and ultimately perform better.

On a physical level meditation changes certain brainwaves, lowers the heartbeat, deepens the breathing and reduces muscle tension. It also strengthens parts of the brain which are important for cognitive and emotional processes as well as well-being. It is used as therapy praxis for high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, depression and drug and alcohol misuse as well as other symptoms of stress. Meditation optimises concentration and productivity, helps to relax after work, archive a better sleep and gives meaning and contentment to one’s life.

To invite the experience of mediation to your company helps to support both the individual as well as the team spirit. Practicing meditation on a regular basis within the office will change the atmosphere in your everyday life, de-stress your employees, heighten the awareness of team-playing and appreciation, as well as supporting each person’s individual life challenges.Stress relief through mediation can effectively target employees at all levels of your business, including senior management. Whilst top level executives might not want to perform yoga in front of their staff, everybody can sit still and meditate.

Xhilarate offers both One to One and Group Meditation experiences where you and your team will be introduced into different meditation techniques, to help you find out which suits you best.

The session runs for 1 hour and costs £70 + vat.

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